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Dear High School Principals and Community Leaders,

The Black Community Organizations Network (BCON) will be celebrating its 42ndAnnual Baccalaureate Ceremony for all 2020 graduating high school students of African-American heritage on May 20, 2020 at the Orleans Arena. The ceremony is held in addition to local high school commencement ceremonies. BCON is comprised of African-American community volunteers from Clark County School District, professional, and community-based organizations.  The foundation for our baccalaureate ceremony comes from community pride and celebratory traditions that are deeply rooted within the Las Vegas, African-American community. We believe that students who have reached this milestone in education should be publicly recognized for their achievements and feel proud that their community appreciates and supports their success.  

The graduation rate for African-American students in Clark County continues to increase, but there is much work to do to improve the achievement gap for African-American students to be commensurate with their peers. Despite individual struggles that may impact their school success, our students are continuing to graduate. At our first ceremony, we recognized 125 graduates. In 2019, we recognized over 710 graduates. Furthermore, the BCON committee has awarded over 100 students a $500 book scholarship to go towards their collegiate studies since BCON’s inception. We take pride in acknowledging the number of students who are graduating on time meeting CCSD’s rigorous curriculum standards. 

Participation in the ceremony has steadily increased and so have the expenses needed to hold this event. Therefore, we are respectfully asking for your monetary support to co-sponsor the 42nd Annual Baccalaureate Ceremony. The following sponsorship levels will enable us to cover the costs of the facility rental and other operating expenditures. All sponsorships will be acknowledged, orally, during the ceremony and will be printed in the program booklet, which is given to each attendee.  Below are the donation levels for your information and selection:

The following are the sponsor levels: 

Bronze up to $500.00        Gold  $751.00 – $999.00

Silver $501.00 - $750.00    Platinum $1000 or more

On behalf of the BCON committee, we are asking for your financial assistance in sponsoring our 38th ceremony. Please make your check payable to BCON and mail to P.O. Box 270011, Las Vegas, NV 89127-0011.

Thank you. 



Kimiko Walton                                                                          Mrs. Tya Mathis-Coleman

BCON Chairperson                                                                  BCON Treasurer                                                

702-651-7450                                                                            702-799-5389